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Join a Team Where You Matter and Make a Difference

Aligne Wealth Advisors Investment Management (AWAIM®) Core Values:

  1. Cultivating unique intellectual capital is an asset and core to client value creation.
  2. A passive, third-party managed portfolio is a lazy business model and a client’s worst enemy.
  3. A quality financial advisor proves their ability to deliver sound advice by showcasing their own audited, benchmark-relative investment management results.
  4. Being a financial advisor inherently means giving advice based on acquired knowledge and experience and demonstrating these skills through real results – not slick sales pitches or sales techniques.
  5. A financial advisor’s job is not to foster friendships but create value. As professionals, we aim to edify clients to make informed financial decisions to pursue their financial goals.

We are looking for financial advisor candidates to bring their full range of skills to the table. Your experience and ideas matter to us. Excelling as an advisor means you enjoy giving your all to clients seeking our services because you understand that being invested in them makes the difference for mutual success.

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What We Offer

Asking you to join our team means we make a commitment to you. You are a member of a dynamic group of individuals working collaboratively and individually in an enriching environment. We want you to have the space to be exceptional and support you on your way. Here’s how we show up.

Performance Record Emphasis

Your work product means everything to your career goals, and we get it. At Aligne Wealth, you can leverage your investment background and demonstrate your success with your firm's audited performance track record. You make a case for your investment strategy choices which show your commitment to best practices and transparency that our clients deeply value.

Career Path Guidance and Support

Career Path Guidance and Support

Advisors consistently look for ways to develop their knowledge and build valuable business connections. We actively support and guide your career path development with relevant ways to learn and grow.

Our Founder & CIO Ivan Illán, a #1 Amazon Bestselling financial services author, believes that professional development is key to long-term success - for both the advisor and their clients.

Now, we want to hear about you. Contact AWAIM today to start the conversation.

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